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The High Country Snowmobile Club is a volunteer snowmobile club located in Summit County, Colorado. The club was originally founded in 1977 by snowmobiling enthusiasts and throughout the years, its mission is to protect, preserve and promote snowmobiling in Summit County. The club is a member of the Colorado Snowmobile Association and is supported by membership fees.

March HCSC meeting and events

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

A quick reminder that our regular club meeting will be held Tuesday March 8th, @ 6pm at Q4U in Frisco.


Thanks to everyone that participated in last month’s Overnight Ride in Creed. We rode the trails from Spring Creek Pass outside of Creede to Bristol Head one day and then rode the other side of the pass on the Lake City Snowmobile club’s trails system the next day. Even though the snow has been lacking recently, we still managed to find good snow and enjoy the vibrant night life of Creede.

We will discuss where March’s ride will be at tomorrow’s meeting.

Avalanche Classes:

Our 2 avalanche safety classes with Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness were also a great success.

Special thanks to Officer Joe Cassleberry for organizing the venue and hosting Brian and Mike for the weekend. It was refreshing to hear a snowmobile specific approach to avalanche safety. Brian emphasized using opportunities like a quick side hill to assess the snow stability. We practiced beacon and probe searches as well as efficient digging techniques. I've gotten great feedback on the class from the other participants.

We hope to have Brian with Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness out again next year for additional classes.

Hope to see you tomorrow night at Q4U.

Rich Holcroft, President
High Country Snowmobile Club