HCSC April Newsletter

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Hello High Country Snowmobile Club / Summit Snow Riderz,

Final Club Meeting of the Season

We had our final club meeting of the season on Tuesday April 9th 6pm at The Bakers’ Brewery in Silverthorne.

Do you want more Facebook?

We have an new facebook group for improved dialog with other members if you would like to join . . . https://www.facebook.com/groups/414275292702158

MAY 4 - Spring Fling - https://www.facebook.com/Spring-Fling-486271998140829/

If you are still itching to ride, please attend Spring Fling at Rabbit Ears/Muddy Creek on May 4th. Spring Fling is a fantastic event organized by Brandon Tudizzle Cox. Last year’s Fling raised enough money to help pay for trail grooming insurance for each and every snowmobile club in Colorado. Dizz has ties with every snowmobile related company on the planet and gets tons of donations and raffle prizes for the event. Check out Spring Fling on Facebook for more information and to see some of the prizes.

MAY 17 - Club Member End of Season Party!

Dave Garrett has kindly offered to host a club party at his home in Breckenridge on Friday May 17th, 6-9pm. We will have a taco bar with all the trimmings with a suggested donation of $5 for food (any extra $$$ will go to club funds) and Dave is kindly providing tequila for a Margarita Bar. We will be giving out awards for, Best Stuck, Most Miles and Most Riding Days. There will be two age groups for awards, up to 18 years old and 18-99! You can nominate yourself or your favorite club member by submitting nomination photos/videos on our new Facebook group page "Summit Snow Riderz".

Grooming Items and Summer Events:

We had a great grooming year this year and have a list of small maintenance items to complete on the cat this summer. Once these items are completed, we will have an even better grooming year next winter.

I would like to thank Ross Muzik, Jared Sralla, Jeff Lewark and Larry Lewark for their hard work grooming this winter. Every club member helps keep the trails at Spring Creek open by being a member of the club; these guys put in hours and hours of volunteer time to keep the trails smooth for us!

We plan to do some tree trimming this summer, install some additional trail diamonds to mark the trails and will clean up any trash on the Spring Creek trails. If you would like to help out, we’ll be in touch with more information as we get closer to the work day.

We plan to re-branding our club name, website, and social media sites over the summer to be more inclusive of all snow machines and not just “snowmobiles”. We like SummitSnowRiderz and hope that you do too !


Thank you to our members again for being a member of the club! If you are not a member, please support us by becoming a club member. You can join at any club meeting, or you can join online through the CSA website by following this procedure:


click on JOIN

  • STEP 1 of 9 - select membership type ( individual, family, business , or both business and family) | NEXT
  • STEP 2 of 9 – CSA website legal stuff | NEXT
  • STEP 3 of 9 - FILL OUT THE MEMBERSHIP FORM (name & contact info) | NEXT
  • STEP 4 of 9 - FILL OUT THE SNOW MACHINE FORM ( number of sleds/moto bikes in your household ) | NEXT
  • STEP 6 of 9 – FILL OUT THE WEBSITE FORM ( UserName, Password, ConfirmPassword ) | NEXT
  • STEP 8 of 9 – ACKNOWLEDGE Policies and Ethics of CSA | NEXT
  • STEP 9 of 9 – REVIEW data that you have provided | FINISH AND PROCEED TO PAYMENT

Rich Holcroft
Vice President
High Country Snowmobile Club / Summit Snow Riderz

Julie Beck
Vice President
High Country Snowmobile Club / Summit Snow Riderz

High Country Snowmobile Club meeting and Events

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

We will be having our February club meeting tomorrow night at 6 at the Bakers Brewery in Silverthorne.

One of the items we will be talking about will be the proposed fee increase at the Vail Pass Winter Recreation area. Details can be found here:


Two of our club members are on the Vail Pass Task Force board of directors, we will have our member Brian Binge and Sam Massman the new Mountain Sports Administrator at the Dillon Ranger District in attendance to talk about the fee proposal.


Thanks for everyone that attended last month’s Flattops club ride and the CSA convention this past weekend. We had about 9 club members attend the convention and rides. The Snotrackers snowmobile club out of Gunnison did a fantastic job hosting the convention including dragging a huge sled behind their cat to cook a BBQ lunch at Lake Irwin on Saturday.

We rode from Marshall Pass up to Sargent’s Mesa on Friday and rode the Kebler Pass area on Saturday. The snow up at Kebler pass was fantastic, I highly recommend adding Crested Butte to your list of riding areas to hit later this winter.

While I attended the CSA quarterly meeting Sunday morning, some of the riders went to Arrowhead to ride while others rode other areas on the way home. A good time was had by all who attended the event.

The February club ride will be on the 17th. We will figure out the ride location at tomorrow’s meeting.

Our social coordinator, Dave Garrett is still researching options for an overnight weekend ride in the beginning of March. Last I heard, Dave was trying to get us into Vega Lodge outside of the Grand Mesa for one night and then riding into Electric Mountain Lodge for a night there.

We will send out destination and lodging options as soon as we firm them up.

Grooming Update:

We completed the sale of our old cat and closed out our purchase of the new cat with Mountain States Snowcats. Jared, Jeff and Larry have been out grooming in new 2011 Prinoth Bison X for the past few weeks!

So far, the new cat is working great and the guys are getting used to the additional power and the new electronic controls. There has been a bit of a learning curve adjusting to the controls on the new cat and figuring out the handling differences from our old cat. I rode the trails a little over a week ago and thought the grooming was great, but Jared has assured us the trails will only get better from here.

History Lesson of the day:

For a little background information, in 1974, the Colorado snowmobile community voluntarily established the snowmobile registration program, in order to establish and maintain a network of winter trails. Generally speaking, the fees collected by Colorado State Parks, go into two separate funds. One to fund capital purchases of grooming equipment, and one to reimburse local clubs for fuel and maintenance costs for the grooming of over 3,400 miles of winter trails. Almost all of those miles of trail are groomed by volunteer club members, like Jared, Larry and Jeff.

Your snowmobile registration fees and club memberships helped fund our new snowcat and also help cover our costs to groom the trails at Spring Creek every year. Thank you for registering your machines and thanks again being a club member!

Thanks to the State Trails committee accepting our capital grant application last summer, we were able to pay for half the cost of our new cat, ($32,000), from the State’s registration money! The remaining money ($30,000) came from the sale of our BR275 and funds the club has saved from memberships and fundraising events over the past several years.

If you think about the history of the motorized registration program in Colorado, the motorized community has been very proactive funding trail maintenance and the equipment to take care of its trails. It is a concept the non-motorized community has yet to embrace.

Club Meetings:

As a reminder for the new folks, our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, 6 pm. at Bakers Brewery in Silverthorne.

Hope to see you tomorrow at 6pm. Bring some extra cash because I am sure Kayleigh will have some girl scout cookies to sell!

Thanks, Rich Holcroft,
President, High Country Snowmobile Club

High Country Snowmobile Club Ride this weekend and news

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,


Club Meetings: As a reminder for the new folks, our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, 6 pm. at Bakers Brewery in Silverthorne.

We will be having our January club ride this Sunday the 20th at the Flattops. The plan is to meet at the Coffee Pot road trailhead outside of Dotsero. To get to the trailhead, go west on I-70 to the Dotsero exit 133. Head north on the Colorado River Rd about 1 ¾ miles and make a left on FSR 600. Please be ready to ride by 10am.

Several members will be attending the Colorado Snowmobile Association convention in Gunnison February 8-10.

Our next club meeting will be February 12 at Bakers Brewery in Silverthorne at 6pm.

The February club ride will be on the 17th.

Our social coordinator, Dave Garrett is researching options for an overnight weekend ride in the beginning of March. We will send out destination and lodging options as soon as we get them.
Grooming Update:

Jared, Jeff and Larry have been out grooming in our old Bombardier BR275. Hopefully this will be the last week in that cat since we have sold it to On the Trail Rentals from Grand Lake. After several delays trying to sell our cat to the Frasier tubing hill, and having them try to reduce the purchase price, Ross listed our cat for sale online. Luckily we received multiple offers above the Frasier sale price. Nick with on the Trail Rentals came out and did a test drive with Jared and made us his best and final offer. Thanks to Ross and Jared’s leg work, the club was able to put an additional $4,500 into the bank account.

Now that we can write a check to pay the balance on our invoice from Mtn States Snowcats, we hope to have delivery of our 2011 Prinoth Bison X in the next few days.

In other grooming news, the loggers have packed up for the year and we will start grooming the lower road at Spring Creek during our next round of grooming. Since they are out for the season, we can build our snow berm and keep wheeled traffic off the trails. While the first mile of trail has been great to ride this season compared to years past, it will be nice to have the entire trail available for grooming.

When you are riding spring Creek, be sure to make sure the Avalanche Beacon Checkpoint is picking up your avalanche beacon’s signal. The sign has really sophisticated electronics that actually test the tolerances of your beacon to make sure they meet manufacturer specs. It is a whole lot better than just turning it on and making sure it beeps.

Thanks again to Alpine Motorsports in Kremmling for sponsoring the checkpoint for our third season.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Rich Holcroft, President
High Country Snowmobile Club

December 2018 CLUB UPDATE

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Kick-off Party proceeds update ~ Club ride last Sunday ~ CSA Raffle

Kick Off Party

Thanks to everyone who attended the kick-off party at the Elks Club a couple of weeks ago. We had 105 attendees and raised $2,600 for our Spring Creek trail grooming program. Thanks to everyone who attended and who donated raffle prizes, Rich for MC-ing, Carolanne for organizing and Rachel and Trish working the door. A great turnout and a fun night with friends.

CSA Raffle

Amy Abshire from Palisade is the proud owner of an Articat Alpha One sled! Dianna Rexford won the Z120 and Carol Zimmer drew the Klim $1,000 Gift Card. Thanks to everyone who sold tickets this year. Our club should received about $800 in proceeds from that raffle.

Club Ride

about 15 of us attended our first of the season club ride last Sunday at Rabbit Ears. A beautiful day with beautiful views at “Top of the World” and the other Top of the World, lots of stucks (not allowed to post pictures!!!), lots of fresh powder turns and laughs. Loving that we had 5 teenagers join the club ride too!

CSA/HCSC Membership (Join/Renew)

Please support our club through membership. Club membership is by calendar year and via the CSA Colorado Snowmobile Association website or at any of our club meetings. Our Club meetings are scheduled the second Tuesday of the month from November through April. If you have not renewed for 2019 (or are not a member yet), please support the club by either joining or renewing for 2019. I will bring my computer to the next meeting on January 8th, 6pm at Bakers Brewery if you need help renewing.

Happy Holidays!

Looking forward to hearing about your sledding adventures at the next meeting – Bakers Brewery Tuesday January 8 at 6pm.

Julie Beck
Vice President - High Country Snowmobile Club

October 2018 Update

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

We have been getting a few snow showers on the high peaks and the air is getting starting to get chilly. It means it is time to fire up our regular snowmobile club meetings.

New Meeting Location:

With the closure of Q4U we have been searching for a new venue to host the monthly meetings and are going to give the Bakers Brewery in Silverthorne a shot this year. The Bakers Brewery is located right off the I-70 exit in Silverthorne, on the hill above and behind the Wendys. If you are heading north on Hwy 9, take a right at Wendys, make a right at the stop sign and Bakers Brewery will be up the hill, on your left, (in the old Village Inn building).

As in years past, we will be holding the club meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, at 6:00pm. The first meeting will be this Tuesday evening.

Club News:

I apologize for the timing of this e-mail, (so close to the first meeting); but I have been delaying putting this e-mail off for a few days because I have some bad news to report. I am sorry to say that last week we lost the founding father of our club and one of its most active members, Ron Lewark. There will be a celebration of Ron’s life, next Saturday, October 13th at 1pm at the Elks Lodge in Silverthorne. If you can make it, please join Donna and the entire Lewark family as we share memories of this amazing man.

In lieu of flowers of gifts, the Lewark family asked that donations be made in Ron’s name to either the Summit County Elks Lodge, the Colorado Pilot’s Association or the High Country Snowmobile Club.

Ron was instrumental in helping the club with our next piece of big news.

State Parks Capital Grant:

Since the time we wrapped up last year’s season and now, the club’s board of directors and grooming committee has been busy. Just about the only good thing to come out of last season’s dismal snowfall was the extra grooming money left over in State Park’s snowmobile budget. We applied for and were awarded a $32,000 grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife to update the snowcat we use for grooming at Spring Creek.

We have been shopping for new snowcats all summer and a little over a week ago, Ron and I traveled to Wyoming to negotiate the purchase of a 2011 Prinoth Bison X snowcat. The new cat will be replacing our 2002 Bombardier BR 275. We plan to sell our BR 275 for about $20,000, take the grant of $32,000 and use $10,000 of our club’s fundraising savings to fund the $62,000 purchase of the Bison X.

We are very excited to have this opportunity to upgrade to a 7-year-old snowcat. A huge Thank You! goes out to the club’s board members, Rachel and Julie, our grooming committee of Ron and Ross, and the club’s business members that wrote letters of support for our grant application.

Kickoff Party and Club Events:

Carolanne has been busy planning the annual kick off party for this year and was most recently combing the snow show for donations. We are teaming up once again with Dan Gardiner from Boondockers to host the Summit County Premier of Boondockers 15. We are trying to schedule the event on Saturday December 1st, so our long-time guest of honor Matt Entz can attend. We already have some donations for the event, BCA will once again be involved and we’ll be coming the streets for additional donations.

In an attempt to replenish our club’s savings after this groomer purchase, we hope to make this year’s party the biggest and best in our club’s history. We’ll be in touch as soon as we confirm the venue for the event.

We are also planning a lot of other events for this winter, we’ll have our monthly club rides, weekend and multi-day trips to exotic snowmobile destinations, maybe even an avalanche class or two.

Snowmobile Raffle Tickets:

At the CSA meeting this morning, I picked up 500 snowmobile raffle tickets for CSA’s annual Artic Cat M8000 raffle. Tickets are $5 each, and the proceeds are split with CSA and the local clubs. We usually raise about $800 a year for the club selling these tickets, CSA’s portion also goes helps pay for the club’s liability insurance. Tickets are due back to CSA in the beginning of December, so we will have plenty of time to sell these 500 tickets and maybe even an extra 500.

Please stop by the club meeting this Tuesday to pick up your tickets or get in touch with me and I can give you some tickets to sell.

Thank you,

Rich Holcroft
President, High Country Snowmobile Club

March Update and Events

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

We will be having our club meeting Tomorrow, March 13th @ 6:00 pm at Q4U in Frisco. Heres some updates on what we have had going on:


Thanks to the Leadville Club for hosting us on last month’s club ride. We had about 12 riders show up and we rode around Turquoise Lake and up to the top of Hagerman Pass. While the snow at the bottom of the drainage was thin and sugary, the snow up high was quite good and we all made it in and out (with minimal damage to one Skidoo).

Our club ride this month is scheduled for next Sunday March 18th. We don’t have a location picked out just yet, but we can talk about it at tomorrow’s meeting. Open Snow is forecasting a good storm on the way for next weekend so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Grooming Update:

We kind of kept it quiet but our Bombardier BR275 blew a turbo in the beginning of February on the first connector trail up at Spring Creek. The breakdown stranded groomers Ron Lewark and Mike Stoveken on the trail. Volunteers were able to pick up the guys that evening and thanks to the hard work of our grooming crew, our turbo guru Bruce Mallinson and our mechanic Pat Willman, we were able to get the cat repaired on the trail in early March. The guys have been out grooming ever since.

To try and help us with the repair costs, the State has increased our available grooming funds for the year. To make the most of the available funds, we are planning to try and get out once or twice a week for the rest of the season. The trails at Spring Creek should be in great shape from all the extra grooming, all we need is some more snow!

We think the loggers have packed up for the year but since they were snow plowing the lower road all season we haven’t tried to groom the lower road. We have been pulling snow off the banks and onto the first mile of the trail and have started our trail grooming just past the forest service gate on the upper trail to Elliot Ridge. We have our Avalanche Beacon Checkpoint at the start of the groomed trail, you can’t miss it.

Stop by and make sure the checkpoint is picking up your avalanche beacon’s signal as the sign has really sophisticated electronics that actually test the tolerances of your beacon to make sure they meet manufacturer specs. It is a whole lot better than just turning it on and making sure it beeps.

Thanks again to Alpine Motorsports in Kremmling for sponsoring the checkpoint for our second season.

Club Meetings:

As a reminder for the new folks, our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, 6 pm. at Q4U in Frisco. For those of you who don’t know, Q4U is scheduled to close their doors May 1st. The property is pending a future development this summer and Sheila’s lease on the space ends April 30. Come on down and get some great BBQ before she closes the doors!

Rich Holcroft, President
High Country Snowmobile Club

January HCSC Rides and Events

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I hope you are all doing your snow dance and praying for snow. I’ve had a few rides so far this season and caught some good snow at Rabbit Ears a few weeks ago, but this warm weather is getting ridiculous. I refuse to bring out the dirt bike and have my fingers crossed for some snow this Saturday for our first club ride this weekend.

We are planning to meet at the Dumont Lake Trailhead at Rabbit Ears at 10am, this Sunday, the 7th of January.

We will also be having our club meeting next Tuesday the 9th at Q4U in Frisco.


The CSA convention is coming up in Grand Lake January 19-21.Grand Lake has gotten some decent snow out of the past few storms, so while you might not be riding around town, the riding on the trails should be good.

I haven’t heard if Leadville will be hosting their High Altitude Drag Races again or if Meeker will host the White River Rumble Race. As snow is limited across the State, I am sure they are waiting for more snow to make their decisions. As soon as I hear some more information, I will pass it along.

Grooming Update: Our groomers have been anxiously waiting for enough snow to bring the cat out at Spring Creek. So far, the logging company is still cutting and hauling timber. Reports are that sections of the upper road are ridable, but the lower road is plowed to dirt. We have spoken to the loggers and they are planning to keep working until the snow drives them away.

In order to protect the tracks on our snowcat, we won’t be grooming until we get enough snow to make it to the upper road.

Club Rides: Don’t put away those snowmobiles yet, in addition to this weekend’s ride, we still have rides on the schedule for February 18th and March 18th. Once we start getting snow we can talk about adding additional rides to help make up for the slow start to the season.

Club Meetings:

As a reminder for the new folks, our club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, 6 pm. At Q4U in Frisco.

Thanks and I hope to see you on the snow!

Rich Holcroft, President
High Country Snowmobile Club

2018 Winter Update

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Hello Summit Snowmobilers,

We have lots of things to discuss and get on your calendars.


Our first meeting of the 2017-18 season will be November 14th 6pm at Q4U in Frisco

ADDRESS: 857 N Summit Blvd, Frisco, CO 80443



First off, we will be helping out Matt Entz with a Free Avalanche Awareness Presentation!

This “Know Before You Go” presentation will be held Wednesday November 15th, 6pm at Alpine Motor Sports in Kremmling. This presentation has been developed with the Utah and Colorado Avalanche Information Centers and includes a bunch of tips and techniques related to Avalanche Safety.

This is an entertaining program focusing on 5 key elements:

  1. Get the gear.
  2. Get the training.
  3. Get the forecast.
  4. Get the picture.
  5. Get out of harm’s way. It is an awareness program hopefully leading people to pursue an on the snow training course. Matt will have his sled and pack and will share what safety equipment he carries on the snow every day. 



Carolanne has been planning our annual kickoff party. This year it will be held December 2nd at the Elks Lodge in Silverthorne. As usual, we need additional items and donations to give away at the event, whatever you have, get it to us and we can raffle it off to raise money for groomer parts and fuel. 


We also have 400 snowmobile raffle tickets to sell. First prize is the 2018 Arctic Cat M8000 Limited, we will have tickets at the meeting, at the KBYG presentation and at the kickoff party. The proceeds of every raffle ticket sold are split between the club and CSA. We use our portion of the money to pay for fuel and groomer repairs, CSA’s portion goes toward club grooming insurance and scholarships. It is a great cause so we’d like to sell all 400 tickets. Please get with me if you want tickets but are unable to make the meeting Tuesday.


We will be planning our monthly rides and special overnight events at the club meeting. So far we have the CSA annual convention in Grand Lake January 19-21 on our schedule.


Please don’t forget to renew your club membership by the end of the year. We’ve got a lot of stuff happening this year, Memberships can be renewed online at www.snowmobilecolo.com or in person at any club meeting or event.

Hope to see you all next week, thanks!
Rich Holcroft, President
High Country Snowmobile Club