March HCSC Update

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Hello High Country Snowmobilers,

Welcome to March! This winter is really starting to fly by for us. Hopefully this snow will stick around and we can continue to ride into May. We have our overnight ride to the Medicine Bow Lodge in Wyoming coming up this weekend. If you'd like to come, but haven't made reservations yet, please contact the Lodge at 1-800-409-5439 for more information and to check availability. It looks like a solid storm is scheduled to hit Northern Colorado and Wyoming on Friday so we should have fantastic conditions for the weekend's rides.

March Events:
• Snowies Weekend -March 7-9th.
• Monthly club meeting on the 11th at Q4U in Frisco, 6pm.
• Monthly day - Location TBD at Tuesday's meeting.

Club News:

Last Month Gary Peterson with Summit Public Radio and TV joined the club. Gary requested a little help blazing a trail to his equipment building at the top of Baldy Mountain outside of Breckenridge. Luckily Jon Heckman and I were able to help him out and legally got to ride the beautiful terrain that was all closed to Snowmobiling as part of the White River National Forest's Travel Management Plan.

Ron and Ross have been busy grooming up at Spring Creek recently. The big snows and high winds wreaked havoc with the trails for a little bit but the guys were able to get everything under control and groomed back to full widths. Our trail system was recently inspected by representatives from the Colorado State Parks, Snowmobile program, the same group that writes our grant checks for grooming. I am happy to report that they were impressed with the quality of our groomed trails. A huge Thank You! goes out to Ross and Ron for all their hard work, countless volunteer hours and their dedication to our grooming program. Nice job guys! In related Spring Creek news, the road from Spring Creek over to the Sheephorn section has been blow in and effectively closed for the next few months. The drifting is so bad and the snow in the trees so deep that the access back from Sheephorn is extremely difficult, if not impossible for most snowmobilers.

I know several of our club members that have been stuck in the Sheephorn drainage and had to catch car rides back to the parking area on the front side. I have also heard reports of stranded snowmobilers that have had to ride out of Sheephorn to the Trough road and were forced to ride their snowmobiles all the way to Kremmling to hitch a ride back to the trailhead. We might want to think about making a sign warning snowmobilers that venture over the ridge that it may be a one way trip.

If you haven't seen the latest news about how the non-motorized county commissioners of Summit County are trying to take peoples land using the power of eminent domain, check this link out News Link . Silly non-motorized haters. Unless the county comes to their senses, we will probably need to gather our membership and participate in the hearing at the County offices in April to support this couple.

That's about it for now, how to see everyone at the Medicine Bow Lodge this weekend or at the meeting on Tuesday.

Thank You,
Rich Holcroft,
High Country Snowmobile Club